Lucky Charms

No, it’s not Saint Patty’s Day,(it’s almost Halloween), but I hear the Irish Brogue of a little leprechaun talking about blue moons, yellow stars, pink hearts, green clovers, and on and on.

Ooh, and can you picture Snap, Crackle, and Pop, and Ernest J. Keebler with their pointy hats and slippers, the famous elves of Rice Krispies and Keebler?

I love all of these characters.

The  fine silver jewelry pieces, I have just made, remind me of these little people and all the magic they bring.

I do have a moon shape, a magic bell, and a heart. In a forest!

Oops, the last one is a fish.

20141016_094159_resized 20141016_100008_resized 20141016_093612_resized20141016_094528_resized


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