One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingy……..

fine silver

Cloche d’oisseau

 The bird is solid and moves inside the hollowed out tree making a ringy dingy sound every time it moves. The nest hangs below with little seed pearls that look like eggs and below that another seed pearl hangs from a leaf. The front of the house is fancy for guests to arrive and the back door is patched up in need of home repairs. This fine silver piece is the most fun I’ve had in designing and sculpting.

Side view

Side view

Back view of Cloche d'oisseau

Back view of Cloche d’oisseau

I also made a bunch of rings. Here are some of them.

fine silver

The Wave

 I’m still at the Conroe Art League Gallery. Come view all the beautiful artwork. Art d’musique is showing until the end of March.

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